Wild Berry Vines

If it’s what I think it is then it’s not edible.

Edit: After a bit of research I’m putting my bets onĀ “heartleaf peppervine”, Ampelopsis cordata.

Welcome to the Jungle

We strapped a motion-sensing camera to a tree in our woods this weekend. Here’s the overnight wildlife line-up for Day 1:

November 15-16, 2014

Wild Boar, at least three of them, 4:55pm
Raccoon, 8:45pm
Unknown small creature, likely raccoon, 11:15pm
Deer, at least one buck and one doe, 3:54am
Unknown creature/blur, rougarou, grunch, 6:04am

So now I’m wondering, if this many creatures just happen to be walking right in front of a mounted camera, what else is out there?

*races to store to get more cameras*

PS: I started a new Flickr account for the rapidly growing collection of Lower Coast flora and fauna.